When a roofing system has to be replaced, is because it has come to the end of its service life. Hopefully, if you have to replace a roof, is because you have exhausted all different alternatives to keep the roof performing but it has come to a point where economically doesn’t make sense any more to keep repairing.

There are many roofing options. Some of the factors to be considered before deciding on a roofing system are: The type of building, the use of the building, the life expectancy of the building, the difficulty of access to the roof of the building, the operation schedule of the building occupants and the building code.

The roofing options vary from each other depending on the system durability, redundancy and maintainability. Besides meeting the building code requirements, make sure that the system that you select matches the life expectancy of the building, that is aligned with what the roof is protecting in the interior of the building, anticipate the traffic on the roof and consider the maintainability of the system.

We can provide you with a great variety of roofing systems that include, Single Ply TPO, Single Ply PVC, Liquid Applied Membranes, Hot Melt Built Up and Modified Bitumen, Cold Process Built UP and Modified Bitumen, Torch applied Modified Bitumen APP and SBS, as well as Metal Roofing.