Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Surface preparation is also very important when it comes to wall protection. There are different wall construction systems like exposed brick, stucco or EIFS. Each one requires a different methodology for surface preparation.

Materials vary from system to system but the goal is the same regardless of the surface and that is to keep the water outside the building. We match the materials that we use to the type of surface so that the solution we provide is the most durable and cost effective to our client. The options vary from acrylic coatings, elastomeric coating, clear penetrating sealers and metal panels.

The coatings are usually combined with sealants that bridge two areas or building components. They are designed to accommodate the movement of the different elements and elevations of the building. The variety of sealants is vast and their application depends on the material they are being applied on. There are sealants made based on a formulation of silicon, polyurethane or acrylic.